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African Dashiki Shirt For Men & Women is a raging craze in today's internet age and has caught up with people across the sub-continents. These shirts are extremely soft and capable to handle humidity and diverse weather to give you the most excellent wear for your daily needs.

mainThe African Dashiki Shirt for Men & Women is extremely stylish and fashionable and adds the most desired fashion trends on your wardrobe. So in this post, we talk about the best African dashiki shirt available on sale and its main functionality of each product. In addition, we talk about trendy dashiki accessories that you can wear along with your shirt.

The word "Dashiki" comes from the Hausa word called as 'dan ciki', which means a shirt and this attire is usually worn with a skull cap known as the Kufi hat, worn by many Islamic people, in Africa and with a pair of pants.

The main USP of the entire african dashiki shirt collection on sale is that we have one size for all your fit, and all our products on sale can fit woman or men alike, making it the most hot and desired attire for the unisex.

Let's get started!

Unisex Dashikis - For Men & Women

1. Stylish African Dashiki Shirt for Unisex - One fit

african dashiki shirtThis excellent dashiki shirt is widely popular among the masses across the Africa and has slowly and gradually caught by folks across the America. This popular African clothing is made up from 100% cotton and is especially manufactured in Thailand, one of the largest hub for fashion.

This dashiki comes in one fit and can be worn by men and woman, giving a new look to the unisex dashiki attire.

Next, coming to size we have to offer here, the following guide illustrates the size chart for your loving african dashiki shirt.

The size can easily fit a man or woman of any size, since the t-shirt is made of pure cotton, it can easily stretch to your desired width. For the length, the dashiki is considerably long in length and can be worn easily on your denim or cargos.

The main pointers to the dashiki are as follows:

  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Traditional: Africa Dashiki Shirt
  • Use: Unisex - Male and Female
  • Size: Free Fit - Loose Size
  • Bust: 130 cm (51.2 inch)
  • Length: 74 cm (31 inch)
  • Width: 20 cm collar, left sleeve to right sleeve 100 cm
2. Elegant African Dashiki Shirt for Men & Women with Hood

3This is an upgraded version of the printed/embroidered dashiki that you saw above. To give you the classy hippie look and to look extremely stylish look, we have added a kimono or you can say a hoodie fashion to your beloved dashiki shirt to give you the most rugged look and feel.

The hood on the kilt will surely give you a gangster appeal and help in growing your personality, along your everyday journey.

You can pair this excellent african dashiki shirt on any denim or cargos to give you the rich gangster look by wearing a shirt that is 100% pure cotton and easy on the skin. We have more than 7 colors to choose on. And as usual, we have the hooded dashiki available in single one size size to fit every one, and thus being unisex that can be worn by men and women on their needs.

These dashiki shirt for men is currently a rage with people across the US, UK and other European countries.

Best Features of Dashiki Shirt with Hood:

  • Made with 100% premium material that is sweat resistant
  • Colorful and vibrant prints to match your style and fashion
  • Unisex design that can be worn by men and women
  • Long dashiki that can be easily worn on denims, cargos, or trousers
  • Woman can wear the dashiki as a dress along with high heels
  • Hoodie look adds to the elegance of this dashiki shirt
3. Sleeveless African Dashiki with Hood

2Oh! what a beauty....presenting you a unique dashiki shirt that can be worn easily in the hoods. This is a typical african dashiki shirt for men & women without sleeves and at the same time to give you the most funky look is the hood, to style up your personality to perfection. This shirt is made from pure 100% cotton and of the same material used to make your traditional african dashiki shirts that you can easily carry on in the hoods to give you the ultimate gangster look.

These dashikis come with additional two front pockets that you can use to hold all those small things that can be arranged for quick access. The dashiki is available in two size, one that comes with a free size to fit men or women of all age groups and the one comes in XXXL size to add the much needed relive for special plus-size individual that wish to try out these colorful and elegant piece of dashiki to give you relief from the scorching sun and keep you cool throughout the day. Do try this trendy yet stylish dashiki with hoods and are sleeveless.

Super Features of the Sleeveless Dashiki Shirt for Men & Women with Hood:

  • Same features of a pleasant dashiki shirt with no sleeves for more comfort
  • Frontal pockets to help you to carry all your items and things with ease
  • Hoodie feeling to complete your look and style, ideal for people who love to swag
  • Colorful designs, coupled with one size fit all for men and women
  • Unisex fit that can be worn as the best casual attire

Dashikis For Men

4. Premium Printed Dashiki Shirts Men

We present to our newly launched premium quality printed dashiki shirt that every man can enjoy in the coming summers. With the winter slowly withering away, these pair of best superior quality African dashiki shirts, made especially for men, will definitely aid you in the warm summer days. These dashiki shirts are specially made by keeping in mind the comfort that every man seeks in his day-to-day life.

The main USP of our dashiki shirt are the artistically driven, beautifully crafted bold prints that we have selected and drawn on your dashikis to give your precious African clothing a delightful and African traditional experience. You can check each print and make those bold decision of buying your favorite dashiki.

We have created an easy to use open slit collar with special designed interlace material to keep your elegant dashiki in shape, till life time. Also, the African dashikis have no buttons, you can simple pull it over and go for your routine tasks in your day.

Features of the Premium Quality African Dashikis Men:

  • Made from 100% superior cotton that is easy on the body
  • One free size that fits every man, big or small, upto size XL
  • Loosely, free-flowing material that gives a lot of space for your body, and very comfortable
  • Light weight with uber cool hand-printed artistic designs and prints
  • Designed with special quality color-fast dying technique that prevents running and shrinking
  • Dual pockets on either side to hold all your simple items with ease and no worries
5. Plain Dashiki T-Shirt for Men

This dashiki that we present you today is one damn shirt direct from street - a pure street wear for men that love the hip-hop look and at the same time love to experiment on their wardrobe, by trying a plain, simple colored t-shirt, rather than a shinny printed wear. Without much ado, let's begin with our review.

dashiki t-shirt for men

This oversized dashiki tee shirt is the best variation we bring for every men that love the hip-hop look and want to adjust a comfortable live free gangster life with ease and happiness.

Features of this plain colored dashiki t-shirt for men:

  • 100% cotton fabric used to manufacture his masterpiece
  • Simple, oversized look that can be worn on any casual attire
  • Long sleeve dashiki tee shirt with hand hold to give your ample coverage
  • Superb and sweet fashion trend that you can wear on your jeans/cargos
  • Available in exciting three sizes for every men in all size and shape

So try this excellent choice for every man that needs a carefree attitude that will last you till the end of love.

6. Summer Dashiki T-shirt for Men

dashiki-shirts-menWe have now released anew summer collection, starting with an excellent collection of African dashiki shirt, in the form of T-shirts for men. That right!, now you can wear your favorite African clothing in the form of a Dashiki T-shirt, especially designed for men that love style, fashion and comfort of a dashiki.

This dashiki T-shirt is made from the same material of your favorite dashiki shirts men collection. To give you the more modern and enriching experience, we have modified the T-shirt to hold all the essence of your beloved dashiki, yet keeping your style trend modern and traditional at the same time.

Few features of your African Dashiki T-shirt for Men:

  • Made from 100% cotton fabric that is easy on the skin and extremely comfortable
  • Traditional African prints, using latest dye technology that will last long even after washing
  • Available in two colors - Blue and White, that can easily match your denim wear
  • Available in 8 sizes, that can fit every men upto the size of 4XL
  • Wear this unique T-shirt on favorite denims or jeans and show your swag during the summers
  • Cost effective that is much cheaper than your usual T-shirts

Do try our latest collection on dashiki shirts for men that we have launched. We'll be soon launching more collection that is premium in quality and at the same time easy on your pockets.

7. Elegant looking African Dashiki Shirt for Men

african dashiki shirt for menAnother interesting variant of dashiki that we bring today is the Men's formal dashiki shirt that looks like a formal shirt, but with the traditional feeling of an African dashiki to give you the most important combination of style, beauty, comfort, color and trend; all wrapped in a single dashiki clothing.

The main USP of this style of dashiki shirt for men is its looks that it brings along to the men who love comfort and style. Some of the following features of this unique shirt offering is as follows:

  • Colorful design and available in 9 elegant colors to choose from
  • Formal shirt style that this dashiki shirt brings to men that love style and comfort
  • Made from 100% cotton fabric of a traditional dashiki clothing that makes it the most desired wear
  • Button to easily fit into the comfortable dashiki wear
  • Perfect fit that can fit men upto size medium and large

Truly, this lovely looking dashiki shirt is perfect for men that wishes to enjoy the traditional and bold fashion clothing.

Dashiki For Women

8. Sexy Traditional Printed Long Dashiki for Woman

This one form of dashiki is a killer when it comes to looks and style. A must wear for every women that love to wear trendy outfits, when they travel on the streets. The beauty of this dress is that it is made from the same material of what your dashiki is made from, that is, pure 100% cotton weaves, over which traditional prints are added to complete the overall look and add the most delightful attire on your body.

Simple yet elegant is the only way to describe this pleasant yet sophisticated beauty.

Few stats about this elegant yet simple bohemian dashiki shirt for women:

  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: One size fits S, M, L, XL
  • Fit: Slim fit


9. Best Dashiki Shirt - Tank Top & Pant for Women

This is one of the most elegant package we have for woman that love to combine the style, tradition and comfort of a supreme dashiki into one package. The product we bring to you is the most simple fashion trend that you can carry along on the beach or any occasion. A combination of ever-comfortable dashiki shirt in the form of a tank top with matching pants can give you the most needed heads up for your fashion wardrobe.

dashiki tank top

With this package, you'll receive a matching dashiki tank vest plus stylish and most beautiful looking 3/4th dashiki leggings that will help you to complete the look you desired to wear. You can carry this most beautiful offering on your casual outings with friends, at the beach, or on a coffee date with your loved ones, on a bright sunny days to beat the heat and dwell in comfort all day.

Some facts of this dashiki tank top for woman

  • Soft cotton polyester material used to design and manufacture the dashiki top
  • 100% premium and high quality design to give you the best style and fashion trend
  • Designed for women that love to be outgoing and at the best at any occasion
  • Available in single size that is not clinging and can be worn by women across all sizes
  • Stretch Material used in this dashiki bodycon for super comfort and bliss
  • Package includes matching tank top and fit dashiki leggings, all at a single cost
  • Available in 6 colors, namely, black, blue, pink, red, white, yellow
10. Dashiki Shirt Formal for Women

So we saw the most beautiful looking dashiki shirt for men above, now we present to you the same dashiki quality material shirt for women that adds the most formal look for the women that love comfort, style and want to add the most desired style trends on their daily attire.

dashiki blouse

This dashiki blouse is made specially for those modern women that love african style of fashion and comfort and wish to wear those premium quality fabric used in making of a dashiki in their daily attire in the form of a formal dashiki shirt.

Some of the most delightful specification of this dashiki shirt for women are as follows:

  • Made from 100% cotton fabric used to print and make your dashiki
  • Stylish, elegant, soft and well-printed dashiki in the form of a formal shirt that suits a women
  • Available in two bright colors - Blue & Red
  • Available in three fits - Small, Medium & Large to suit each and everyone's needs
  • Elegant dashiki blouse that you can wear with ease on those bright sunny days

Extras - Dashiki Accessories to Complete the Look

11. Elegant Dashiki Shorts

6Another wear to carry your dashiki shirt is to wear them on a wonderful and colorful dashiki shorts that are a growing craze among the people today. These shorts can be easily worn on the beach or in your daily routines. The main USP of these shorts is that they are made from the same material of a regular dashiki is manufactured from, to give you the best and rich feeling on body, while you walk with elegance.

These shorts are designed by keeping in mind the body needs that you want to develop, without being too clumsy on your skin. These shorts are best designed to keep you cool and at same time give you the most desired stylish colorful dashiki designs that adds the much needed sparkle on your body. Do try these extremely desired dashiki shorts for your liking.

Main Features of the Dashiki Shorts:

  • Made from the same material of the normal dashiki shirt
  • Can be worn easily on the beach of as a casual attire
  • One size fit that can be worn by men and woman of waist size upto 36
  • Elastic shorts with two pockets on either sides to add elegance and beauty on your style
  • Extremely comfortable and can be worn on a matching dashiki shirt

These african dashiki shorts for men are available in 5 unique colors and can be worn by men or women, as required for as a beach wear. Moreover, the dashiki shorts are available in a single size that can fit everyone of all age groups.

12. African Printed Dashiki Trouser Ankle Length

To complete a traditional african look, you should try this more simple and soft trouser made from 100% cotton dashiki material, with a tinch of printed look and feel to complete your dashiki look. You can dress this beautiful looking printed trouser on your african dashiki shirt and walk with grace and style in your daily lifestyle.

These soft african dashiki trousers can suit every person, be it a woman or a man, and made with keeping in mind the unisex structure and fit to give you the most comfortable fit around your waist. This trouser is a unique amalgamation of style and comfort to give you the best fit and style to your personality.

Few features of this soft and simple dashiki trouser are as follows:

  • 100% cotton with stretchable waist band and string for every size and shape
  • Super comfortable and relaxing wide leg opening to give your legs the much needed flare on your wardrobe
  • Wear this elegant dashiki trouser on a blouse or crop top to complete the look. We suggest to opt this trouser on a sexy pair of heels.
  • Perfect look for the casual events, specially on the beach that is sure to turn heads, when you walk on the streets; enough to add attention on your attire for every girl
  • Ankle Length so that you can showcase your legs with ease and comfort

What is an African Dashiki Shirt For Men & Women?

A dashiki is a colorful printed shirt, originated from the western Africa. This tunic is widely worn by men and women across the continent, and is known for its soft and loose cotton fabric that endures the humidity and heat. In addition, it adds a supreme sense of style and fashion on the wearer and makes one of the desired wear on any attire, especially denims. You can read more about the dashiki on Wikipedia. Click here.

Modern Dashiki

The modern African dashiki shirt for men is a more developed form of clothing, made for millennials. This kind of shirt is embroidered and includes a more traditional print on more contemporary fashion for today's generation. The modern dashiki is worn over a pair of denims and cargos and is extremely loose to suit your style and passion.

Stylish and contemporary dashikis are much more comfortable alternative to your polo and denims. These cotton made, designed with keeping in mind the traditional african culture, are handmade to perfection to give you the most stylish and trendy look that is much more easy and breathable on your skin. Moreover, these dashiki are easy to wash and last you for several months.

Why African Dashiki?

A Dashiki has long desired history, originating from the western Africa, which was originally used to cover the entire body and a much longer in length than the grand boubou.

So even our ancient forefathers knew the importance of a dashiki, before it came into existence in today's 20th century, what we see today.

The modern African Dashiki is manufactured, in lines with its traditional roots, with a tinch of new added feeling and style for today's millennial generation and to suit their way of living life. These dashiki are loose fitting and extremely light to give you the ultimate protection from sun and heat, which we all know is an important factor, while selecting clothes due to global warming.

To sum up the entire qualities of a African Dashiki Shirt so far, is:

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Loose fitting and light in weight
  • Protects from heat and sun
  • Available in various styles and designs
  • Perfect fit that comes in only one size
  •  Worn by men and women (unisex)
  • Non-allergenic and easy on skin
  • Great accessories to team up with those dashiki

To conclude, if you are looking to complete a vintage look on your attire with a clothing that is rich in its styles, culture, traditions coupled with additional blessings, or simply to dress a attire that is uber cool and comfortable for those warm days, then African Printed Dashikis are a great choice to wear for your daily routines.

What do we do?

We are one of the premier e-commerce shop that deal exclusively in African dashiki shirt and dresses for male and female. All our dashiki clothing are premium in quality and at the same time very reasonable in price. Moreover, we ship your premier dashiki everywhere across the world, and that too without any cost in terms of shipping and handling charges, to give you the most desired and famous african clothing that you wish to desire.

Do try us and start a new revolution that has caught up with people across the US and quickly spreading to other countries. Develop the hippie look that is a trend in today's age.

How I Style My Dashiki?

This more interactive video is an interesting take that talks about the various ways to style your favorite dashiki, when you wear on your daily routine.